Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Protein, Complex Carbs and Vegetables

I don't know much about the 3 things in the title but I learned a little today. I know that chicken has protein and fruit has carbs. I know that my husband needs a lot of protein for his boot camp that he has joined but other than that I'm still pretty stupid when it comes to all this dietary stuff.

Lisa you can help me out anytime if you got the stuff better than me.

I am so proud of my husband...he has hired a personal trainer and has started working out twice a week and we are having to totally change our diet. I say WE loosely b/c I'm modifying my diet but will be able to enjoy things more than E. I had my last coke today. I've known I needed to stop but just haven't. There is just something about that carbonated Coke....man I'm drooling right now! It's actually going to be easier for me to cook I think...GRILLED CHICKEN....GRILLED CHICKEN AND MORE GRILLED CHICKEN.

E and Lisa's husband are doing this together. I think it's going to be really good for them because they both are highly competitive...did I say highly? I meant HIGHLY competitive.

Well we'll let you know what the progress is....Hoping to be down 20lbs at least when the 12 weeks is up....I wouldn't be surprised if he is down 40 lbs. Me...I want to lose 15...I know people don't think I need to but they don't see me without my clothes on...I do! I'll still be about 15lbs more than my pre-baby weight but I needed to gain.

Well off for my total lifestyle change!


Amber said...

Okay....so I'm proud of you guys and all that stuff. But, I'm still pretty pouty about losing my eating-out buddy. And Sonic? You have to give up Happy Hour? It's just not right, I tell ya.

buscher3 said...

Nice job! I am so ready to have my body back to the way it was...pre babies and pre-birth control pills.

Have your hubbies watch the next two episodes of the Biggest Loser. That'll motivate them. Most of those people have lost 100+ pounds, some closer to 150, over the course of 17 weeks. I'm hoping it'll motivate me to lose baby weight pretty quick!

Glo said...

Yes, Steph....I totally know what you are talking about, because I am the same way. I know that I have some stuff going on that I need to get off of me around my belly, thighs, and booty. It jiggles way too much.LOL Everytime I mention anything about the bulge around my belly, they say "oh please", or "shut your mouth". They don't see what we see right before you get in the shower. I am with ya girly!

Michele said...

I'm over here from Amber's blog . . . I see you are one of the BFFs going all healthy on her. More power to you! I've been telling her (typing her) that I'm determined to turn her into a health nut (a bit of one myself).

Keep up the good work. It is worth it. I promise!!! Just read everything you can get your hands on about healthy eating and exercise. . . you'll know a whole lot in just a short while.

Just wanted to pop over and say, 'good luck on your goals.'