Sunday, April 12, 2009

I'm starting to FLY

I have discovered FLY LADY thanks to my BFF Amber.

I don't feel like I live in CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome) but sometimes it gets there. So I've figured out what my Hot Spots are...shined my sink once and tried to focus on the daily tasks.

My friends Kate and Becky kept immaculate houses and I just can't live up to the standards that they have set for their home. Especially Kate who mows too!!!!! I'm trying...I'm taking baby steps. Working on laundry every day...working on Zones and practicing the daily routines.

Last night I worked on a grocery list...I'm so excited about putting this into use. I detailed what I buy most of the time and put it in sections by the grocery store layout. I think this will make life alot easier.

I also couponed this week and saved $20. I was so excited. I SPAVED...Spend to Save. Deodorant coupons (Buy 2 get $1.50 off). I've got a drawer full of Deo. TP was on sale and had coupons. It took me about an hour to put everything up. YIKES!

I've started using my calendar more and a note's helping me stay on track. Looking forward to starting the week more organized and hopefully with a partially clean house!


Amber said...

I really need to check out the working mom part of FlyLady!

Glad I introduced that I've slacked on it!

Kendra said...

I don't get this whole FlyLady phenom, but more power to you! The hard part's always keeping it up once I get it shiney clean.

My house isn't immaculate but it's doable. After all, you've seen my pantries and drawers.

The Bowden's said...

Oh please come help me get organized once you get there. I consider myself pretty organized most of the time and my house is never cluttered and I never have dishes in my sink or anything like that, but I feel like I always have a million and one lists going and never accomplish much. :) Good luck with that!

buscher3 said...

FlyLady is wonderful! Helps me keep a clean house with a 21 month old tornado ripping through constantly. I try to focus less on having the house up to my perfect standards (just doesn't happen with kids) but more on it can be completely straightened in 5 minutes if I get a phone call that says, "hey...I'm coming over".

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Okay...lots to say:

1. I'll take your word about Kate, but I know that J & Becky's house was always immaculate.

2. I remember that word "spave" that you came up with. I'm pretty sure we talked about it that time I rode to the ballgame Fayetteville with ya'll.

3. We don't have Fred's here...but I used to save a TON of money there.

4. Yay for feeling more on top of things.

5. Yap for E finishing tax season soon.

6. Yay for projects around the house.

7. I hope your friend is okay.

Have a great Monday.