Monday, April 13, 2009


My friend went to the Dr and it was nothing serious...PRAISE THE LORD!!!

I found out today that a very sweet lady that loved the Lord died yesterday. She was one of the sweet ladies that I would sit by at church when I was in college.

I know this sounds weird but I actually enjoy going to visitations because I get to see people that I don't see very often. In our little town alot of people typically come out for visitations. I will say the visitation is the hardest part for the family though (speaking from personal experience) but it's nice to see how many people care.

I got to see some precious friends today and their 3 sweet kids. We lived next to them for 6 years and they moved last year. It was so good to see them. We were so close and still are. We had keys to each others houses and knew we could let ourselves in at any time to borrow something or retrieve something that was borrowed or left behind. I got several phone calls..."I just borrowed a cake mix (milk, etc) hope that was ok". They were also the ones that were there for us when we had deaths in the family and the birth of both of our kids. I love you guys!

We've got a fun weekend wedding trip planned for this summer and I'm super excited. It turned from being a weekend away for E and I and a girls weekend for some other friends to a couple weekend for the 3 couples. I think we're going to have a blast!!! Can't wait! I pricelined our rooms so we got a very good rate!!!

Our science project died so I/we have to start over. It's due next Tuesday...ugh!!!

I haven't sewn in a couple of weeks and I'm having withdrawals. I haven't read any fiction in a couple of weeks either...I'm having even bigger withdrawals.

Well hope you guys have a great day tomorrow...I'm planning on it!


lisa@littlesliceoflife said... project!! I'm glad you reminded me. Our project died one year and I replaced it when no one was looking. Sneaky...but I'd do it again to avoid the drama.

Amber said...

I'm really excited about our trip!!! :)

I was going to ask you today how your quilt was coming...but I guess if you haven't sewed in awhile......

See you tonight! I really want to come to the game...hoping I feel like it!