Sunday, May 3, 2009

I've been busy AGAIN!

So we had our big yard sale this weekend. 6+ family yard sale that is. (I'd post pictures but I'm too tired to go download them). We had packed up everything from our sale last fall and put it in our attic for our spring sale. Well lets just say that it is all being donated now....not going back into the attic. I felt like we got rid of a lot. We made close to $1000 total between all 6 families and had a great time visiting and meeting people...even the crazy lady that gave my kids money just because.

Sweet Cuddly Girl stood at the road holding her sign and would yell "Come to our yard sale" and "We have customers". K was our great telling how much he helped us make.

We prayed for the rain to hold off and it did. We started packing up at 11:30 and it started sprinkling. The bottom dropped out shortly after we got everything in. We have half of our garage back and hopefully will have the rest of it back tomorrow.

Got the house clean(minus the kids rooms and my room and laundry) for the shower today. We had a great time celebrating the upcoming marriage of some friends...we are so excited for them.

Now that all that is over I can relax for a little bit at least....AAAHHH....and both my kids took naps today...can you believe that!


Amber said...

It was a fun weekend...even though it was SUPER BUSY!!

I slept this afternoon, too. And so did the boys!!! Now it is off to clean, clean, clean.

Michele said...

You were the queen of accomplishment this weekend!! WOW at all you got done. I'm so glad your yard sale was so successful and that your kids took naps!!

Lindsay said...

Just discovered your blog via Amber's and hers via Lori's.