Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My little athlete and other randomness

Today has been a busy day. It started out with us getting up at 7:00, making sure sweet boy wasn't running fever. Getting everyone but me was ready and my husband says...aren't you going to take a shower...you're going to be late. Well I was going to go work out after my sons mile run at school so no reason to take a shower...his response was "Have you seen your hair?" I did look rough so I went and tried to do something with the hair and brushed my teeth. We were out the door at 7:20. That's pretty impressive for my bunch...but sweet boy was so excited about his day!

We got to school about 7:30 and went and set up his science project. I forgot to take a picture today but will tomorrow. He didn't place but that's ok...he got 50 pts for just doing it.

We then headed to the high school track to wait for the kids from his school to get to the track to do their mile run. Yes you heard me right...Kindergarteners doing a mile run. We thought he was going to be there at 8:00 but no such luck. Sweet Cuddly girl wanted to stay b/c one of her favorite moms was there. I decided since I didn't get to go to the gym that I would run and encourage the kids to run. So off I went and sweet girl too. She ran and ran and ran and ran....By the time the morning was over I had lost count of her laps but I do know she ran 2 1/2 - 3 miles. And yes she is only 3...well almost 4. It's hard for me to get a mile in. MY LITTLE ATHLETE! Sweet boy got there and finished his mile in 13:14. He could have done better but he was busy socializing.

We got home at 10:00 and sweet girl says...

"Mommy my legs hurt"....hmmm I wonder why!

We head to a birthday party and then to school.

I forgot I was supposed to meet with her literacy teacher today. I was super excited to hear what they had to say. My 3 yr old is working on Kindergarten level things. They are supposed to work for 10 minutes once a week. She wants to do it twice a week and sometimes up to 30 minutes. Oh...I hope this continues until she is out of college! I owe it all to her brilliant older brother.

I then ran a couple of errands, ran home for 10 minutes and back to school to pick up the boys for Warrior Training (I'll save that for another post)

After Warrior Training, we had a baseball game and home about 7:00. It's now 9:00 and I'm about to get the kids to sleep. Can you believe that Sweet Cuddly Girl is still awake?

See you all soon!

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Amber said...

I can't believe she is still awake! I'm tired just hearing about your/her day!!! :)