Thursday, April 23, 2009

What have I gotten myself in to?

Ok....CALL ME CRAZY NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm having a yard sale next week...well we're (Amber, Lisa and others) having a yard sale. We're doing it next Friday and Saturday. We decided that we would do in Friday afternoon and evening instead of Friday morning. It was just too much work getting it all out and set up on my own.

Also, we're having a shower for some friends next week too on Sunday AT MY HOUSE!!! So what does that mean? It means that I've got to get ready for a yard sale and clean house and do my everyday stuff next week. I also have something Friday-Tuesday night of this week and next.

I think I can, I think I can....I'll just repeat that non stop for the next week.

1 comment:

Amber said...

One more reason why I'm SO glad that I don't have compnay this weekend!! I have got to get this yard sale stuff ready.

And PLEASE let me know what I need to do for the shower. I can do know that.