Friday, April 10, 2009

Susie Homemaker

I definitely lived up to the name today.

Drug Walk 9:00

10:45 Took a friend of A's home with us, fed them, took a quick shower, started supper then took them to a store to see Duck's, Chick's and Geese. Took them to school.

12:30 Went to Brookshire's (with coupons, ad and list in hand)

1:00 Went to Walmart with coupons and list in hand. List consisted of normal stuff and Easter basket items. Of course that took a while and I ran into several people...should have known that would happen. Got out of Walmart at LR after 2:00.

Went home unloaded groceries and put stuff in fridge and freezer and flew out the door AGAIN!

Got to A's Easter Party that started at 2:00 at 2:30. Picked up Logan and friend at 3:00. Went home and put up groceries, made 2 dozen cupcakes and cake, boiled eggs for easter egg hunt in the morning.

7:30 ate dinner (Chipolte Pot Roast-good but spicy...too spicy for the kids)

9:15 Have a wired child that took a nap at 6:00 PM another one that is tired but just doesn't want to give in to sleep. MOMMY is exhausted and DADDY is even more exhausted. Looks like I'll be up late.



Amber said...

Busy day, Girl. Hope Sweet A will have mercy on you and crash early. Or at least let you grab a nap on the couch while she's up late!

Thanks again for boiling our eggs!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

My most productive days are also my most tiring days.

Kudos to you on rocking your list!

Happy Easter.