Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dear Mr. Walmart Store Manager---

Dear Mr. Walmart Store Manager--

I am writing this to let you know I will be waiting on you at 7 a.m. in the morning when you walk through the door so just beware when you see a Lobster Red short girl that looks like she just rolled out of bed.

Here is my situation...
My husband (who works very hard and doesn't have 4 hrs to waste on other people ignorance), myself and my 2 kids (who all 3 of us were completely exhausted from a long day) piled into the car and went to pick up a trailer to use to pick up a new playyard. This playyard was not offered at our local WALMART so we had to drive 45 minutes in a horrible rain, wind and lightning storm to your store or pay $150 in shipping which is a rip off when you could just deliver it to our local store but couldn't do that. We arrive at your Walmart and the playyard was waiting on us b/c I called 45 minutes to an hour ahead time to make sure it was available and told them we were coming.

We arrived and a very sweet girl checked us out very quickly. She then had a young hormonal boy take it out to our vehicle...he was more concerned with flirting than doing his job. It is then loaded onto the trailer by husband and hormonal boy while flirting girl and greeter man watches on.

We then move the trailer so we can strap everything on. We discover we have a low tire and move the boxes to the other side...as we do one box falls apart with everything in it. We then load the Jeep with all those parts...get the others strapped on and head up to the WALMART gas station to air up the tire.

We call Amber to check the weather and guess what it's storming....we make it most of the way back without rain but when we got to town it started raining. So with the rain and the water from the road and humidity in SO Arkansas those boxes proceeded to disintegrate when we unloaded them...at which time I realize that the bottom to boxes said BOX 1 of 2 and BOX 2 of 2 and said Sunchaser...uh we bought the Meridian that has 3 boxes b/c the other box that is the back of the Jeep says Meridian BOX 3 of 3.

DH begins to have smoke coming out of his ears and head...I wish you could have seen it....it was a sight. I call the Walmart and talk to the manager on duty b/c no one was in the Garden Center. She gives me to someone in Sporting Goods. They put me on hold and talk to her to only find out that they will give us a $25 Walmart gift card for our gas but that's it...He was very nice and helpful but she should have been the one to handle it and tell me that not push me over to one of HER employees when ultimately it was her decision to make!! I proceeded to find out the manager on duty's name and the General Managers name...I was not happy with the offer b/c I have wasted 4 hrs of our time.

I go outside tell fuming DH and we proceed to try and load up the boxes as they disintegrate. We then took everything out of these boxes and put them in my van. So the van is loaded and ready for me to see you at 7:00 a.m.

I hope you understand me and my families frustration in the situation!

Sweet Dreams,


p.S. I talked to A on the night shift and he got the correct boxes out, measured them for me and has them waiting for me in the morning! He deserves a RAISE if I do say so myself!

By the way this is what it should look like...I would show you a better picture but it shows too much cleavage and don't want to give you the satisfaction!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Who Cares?

So we were driving down the highway system to Disney...which is nicer than the highways in Arkansas...go figure...and I decided to ask a question.

Me: Who pays for these roads...The state of FLORIDA OR DISNEY?

4 yr old in Back Seat: WHO CARES?

That ended that conversation because we were laughing so hard!

Day 1-Magic Kingdom

Can I just say...I'm tired!!!!!!!!!!!

We started the day at MAGIC KINGDOM. I think the kids were excited. We started in Fantasy Land and hit the Dumbo ride, then Snow White's Scary Adventure (which Addison cried and didn't want to go on), we went to Mickey's PhillarMagic Show which Addison cried some more and covered her ears...it was a great show. We went in the Haunted Mansion and didn't even try to take Addison. She cried in line for It's a Small World but then like it when she got on...I think that FIRE IN THE HOLE has tainted her view of rides. They rode the carousel also. When then ate lunch and headed on over to Liberty Square and rode the Riverboat. We were disappointed because the HALL of PRESIDENTS was closed for refurbishment.

We went on over to FRONTIERLAND...this may be one of my favs. Mom, Dad and Addison went to see the Country Bear show and we went on over to get in line for Splash Mountain. The line was long and we didn't have the tickets to do FASTPASS so we just waited in line. We met some great people who had a little boy that talked more than Logan...that made time go by a little faster. Logan absolutely LOVED it! We got off and there was no line so Eric went to go find Addison and my parents and Logan and I got in line again...it went much faster....He wanted to go again but I told him we would do Big Thunder Mountain. Addison got to watch the parade while we were in line the first time and she loved it! We got a FASTPASS this time for Big THunder Mountain and headed over to Tom Sawyer's Island. Addison didn't really care for the cave go figure even though she did great in the one in Branson. We finished up there and went back to BIG THUNDER MOUNTAIN RAILROAD. Dad, Logan and I walked right on in to this ride and had a great time. Great little rollercoaster!

We found Eric, Mom and Addison under some shade on a bench...we were all completely exhausted so we decided to go get ice cream and sit in some air conditioning but there were no seats so we headed to the car...the car that we can't help but find!

We came back went swimming and then went to eat at TGIFriday's. Came back, planned our next day and CRASHED. We are going to Animal Kingdom today.

We're having technical difficulties with pics...Our camera decided to die on us :( and mom's battery died on hers. Eric used his phone to take some pics so I'm going to try to get them on here but if I don't I'll get some later. Guess we might be getting that Rebel sooner than we thought.

Logan and I on Splash Mountain...

Mom, Addison and I on the train.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Are we There Yet?

Wow!!! What a day we have had. It started about 7:15 this morning when we headed to Little Rock to meet my parents. We then headed to Memphis to catch our flight…you all may think we are crazy to drive to Memphis to catch our flight but it was well worth it having a non-stop flight with 2 kids.

I don’t know how many times we heard…when are we going to be there?

When are we getting on the plane?

When will we be in Florida?

We ate lunch at the airport and finally were able to board the plane….the kids were super excited…they have never flown and I was super excited to see their reaction…It was priceless!

We arrived in Orlando and picked up our LUXURIOUS rental car…hehe…at least we won’t be able to miss it in the parking lot it’s BURNT ORANGE if you can’t tell from the picture.

Our resort is great…it’s even better when we figured out how close we are to Disney. We could stay here and never leave the resort except to get food. It has so really neat amenities I’m sure I’ll get to sometime this week.

We went to Wal-Mart to pick up breakfast, snacks, water, stroller, etc. Oh my goodness….I’m so glad I live in a small town…this was Wal-Mart gone mad….but I do know where to go to get cheap Disney souvenirs.

I’m off to hit the sack…looks like we are getting up early to work out….I can’t let vacation get me out of wack.

Logan thinks we are already at Disney…boy is he going to be surprised…Tomorrow we are off to the MAGIC KINGDOM.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nashville Day 2 & 3

I got to sleep in...late...10:40. I probably would have slept later if it wasn't for Amber's text asking if I was up. We got up and went down for breakfast. I will say I got my money's worth at the buffet...my plate was full of eggs, bacon, hashbrown and more eggs. I could eat eggs with every meal.

We then decided to go to downtown Nashville since CMA Fest was going on. We saw some interesting things including this guy...

Notice the tent behind Kirk and Wes...

We also decided to stop at Panera's...I so wish I would have gotten something to eat but after eating my buffet breakfast I just couldn't go there.

We headed back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding. (The whole point in the trip). The bride was beautiful and the groom was pretty spiffy himself.

Our guys looked pretty good themselves.

We even got to dance...we don't get to do that very often!

We then headed back to Nashville, changed again and went down to see about getting a cab. There weren't any cabs but we could get a limo for $10 more...who wouldn't take the limo. It was fun. I haven't been in a limo since Senior Prom. Our poor limo driver...I hope we didn't traumatize him too much.

We headed to the Wild Horse and listened to some good music...did the YMCA and had a great time!

Day 3---Pretty much boring. We dropped Amber and Kirk off at the airport for their Super Fun rest of the week as we headed back home. Amber and Kirk we have decided are the life of the party!

Can't wait for our next couples trip!

Monday, June 15, 2009

My own little Scooby!

My son was comparing himself this morning to Scooby and Shaggy...he decided he was more like Scooby.

Reason #1: He likes to eat a lot and so do Scooby and Shaggy!

Reason#2: He can talk like Scooby!

Gotta love this boy!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Music City Fun! Day 1

So if you remember from our Branson trip, Amber beat me to the punch blogging about it so I just linked to her. So here it is... OUR TRIP DAY 1 by Amber.

My commentary...

Loads and Loads and Loads of Fun!!!! I don't think I have heard the hubby laugh so much in a long time!

Emerson Drive is HOT!!!! Collin Raye's guitarist is HOT!!!! There is just something about Cowboys!!! Was disappointed that Diamond Rio didn't show!

The Aquarium had the most awesome steak and mashed potatoes!

We were driving around looking for someplace and found the "Florist and Casket Shop". It's a all in one stop. We didn't think of taking a pic until after the fact and the men folks wouldn't turn around and take us back just for a picture.

Learned a lot and learned a lot more about our PEEPS...FO SHIZZLE!

Hold on just a minute.....

OK I'm back .... in less than 2 minutes.... give me a high five on that one!

Heart you Amber and Lisa and men! Had a blast!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

My fun new purchase

Look what just came in the mail...I'm so excited about my purchase!!! I bought it off Amazon for $60 that included shipping. I said I would never get one but the others just don't work like a CHI...and for 1/2 the normal price...I couldn't pass it up!

Monday, June 8, 2009


Last Friday, Amber, Jen and I loaded up the boys and a sweet cuddly girl and headed to the movies. I was so excited I haven't been in a while!

Have you seen this movie? It's great! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. It's a great story and life lesson for all of us. Take tissue!!! You don't expect it to be sad but there are parts that are.

Life Lesson that I learned...even if your dreams and life take you in another direction you can make new dreams and may even get to influence others while you are at it!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Dancer

Here is Sweet Girl at her first dance recital....sorry for the dark pictures but she was beautiful and the 3 girls did a fantabulous job! They are the sweetest little friends. I just love the bottom pic!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ronald McDonald

Ronald McDonald made an appearance in our town today. As a philanthropy project our school collected pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House and we awarded the student that brought the most pop tabs. I called him last week and he was able to make it today to give a certificate to the boy that brought the most and to tell the students about the Ronald McDonald House.

While he was here he stopped by the local restaurants for breakfast and lunch. We went for breakfast with our good friends L & L. A had a great time. Above is a picture of A with Ronald.

Phones...Home, Cell or Both

We both have cell phones and we have our home phone. We have had the same number since I was in college. We've tossed around the idea several times about going all cellular and getting rid of the home phone line.

I know it would save us around $30 a month and that there should tell us what to do. It's not like we live in a big town where people wouldn't be able to figure out how to get a hold of us...this is small town Arkansas where pretty much everyone knows everyone.

Give me some input...what do you guys do?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I struck a chord!

Thanks for all the comments on "For Women Only". I needed as much help as I could get. I've tried really hard on my own and it's just not working. I also figured out that I have several more friends that need to go. So....just remember....I'll be hounding you until you bring me your written note from your dr stating that you have been checked out! Love you guys..I wouldn't do this if I didn't!

The Day After

I'm sore....well let's just say I hurt.

My thighs ache!!!!!!!!!

I'm walking funny b/c I can't walk right.

Hubby worked out this morning and his trainer said I did a good job.

That make me feel good and Hubby is really proud of me.

That makes it all worth it.

So tomorrow at 5:30 I will be headed to the field for workout #2.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Boot Camp...

So I started boot camp today. It's a 4 week program (3 for me b/c I'll be gone the 4th week) held by a former marine and his wife. It was at 5:45 a.m. in a open field with a lot of dew on the grass. I did fine running and doing the stretches but when we started the other stuff I felt like I was going to puke. Yes, Lisa, the guys aren't lying!

My husband and Lisa's husband have been doing a 12 week program with the same guy and are in the 5th week. They are doing great!

I didn't sleep well last night b/c of a sunburn...stupid me forgot to spray my back when we went to the waterpark so I'm fried. I have slept most of the morning and now I'm just laying around. Hopefully Wednesday won't be so bad. YES I'm going back!