Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Paradise for a week

All I have to say is that I have been to paradise and now I'm back. We went to Aventura Spa Palace just south of Playa Del Carmen in the Mayan Riviera for almost a week. It was beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had a wonderful and relaxing time and I don't think that we got on each others nerves too bad. This was my favorite spot to relax....

And my favorite thing to listen to was...

Here is the view from my favorite breakfast spot...

The spa was fabulous. We had 2 free massages in with our package. Of course E didn't want his so I got his too. Well I was able to upgrade from a 25 minute back massage to a 50 minute hollistic massage for only $38 each. Let's just say...worth it!!!! I went an hour early to go to the hydrotherapy area. I could have stayed there all day if E would have not missed me too much. They had a sauna, steam room, foot soacker, cold shower, hot tub, warm tub and cold plunge pool. They also had chaise loungers that you could lay on and they would bring a warm towel and lay over you and a cool rag that smelled like eucalyptus or something like that to put on your face. All the while relaxing music was playing. AAAAHHHHHHHHH Paradise!!! So I got massages on Wednesday and Friday.

The food was not the best. They try and get to fru fru. The mexican was not what you would think of mexican. No enchiladas, burritos etc. Not even salsa. Very disappointed. But the Italian and Argentinan restaurants were fabulous. And of course breakfast was always the best.

Drinks....yes I had a few drinks believe it or not. E wouldn't let me be a prude this year. My favorite drinks were the Riviera Maya (strawberry daiguiri, oj and something green) and then a Mudslide. I don't know how many Riviera Maya's we put away.

We had several pools and a lagoon. The lagoon was pretty. We snorkled (at least I did) and took a kayak out. Below you'll find several pictures from that including a huge school of fish near the edge and a crab.

There was no beach but the waves crashing against the rocks was worth it.

Iguanas were everywhere. In fact, we caught one sunny by the pool.

Our room was on the 2nd floor with a partial ocean view. It was great. It had a hammock that I laid in every night and we would watch people walking back to their rooms. A lot of the time they were a little tipsy and we would get good laughs. There was also a labrinth below our room so that was funny to watch people do also.

I guess that about sums it up. The pics will tell the rest of the story.


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

You guys are so cute...and SO tan!

Glad you had a good time. I like your hair long, Steph!

Jennifer said...

Ohhhh....I'm envious!!!! That looks like sooooo much fun!!!

Amber said...


I'm so glad that you guys had a good time, but it is so hard to not be a tad bit envious of you.

Good pictures...it looks so beautiful!

Becky said...

I love lying in a hammock listening to waves crashing on the shore. Beautiful and Peaceful! Great picture.

I had a good laugh b/c it looks like Eric likes to take pics as much as Justin! Even so it is a good picture of the two of you.

Stephanie said...

At least Justin will smile

tigereyedbty said...

beautiful pictures!