Thursday, July 10, 2008

Refuge and Dwelling Place

I have a feeling quite a few of my post are going to be about the book "The Simple Life". So hope that's ok with you all.

As I was reading today is about Simplifying your home. She was talking about how God is our Refuge and Dwelling Place and how we feel safe knowing that. Well our Home should also be that place where we can go to find Refuge and feel safe.

As a SAHM, household manager, homemaker, etc, I feel an increasing burden to make our house a HOME a place of Refuge, Relaxation, Peace and Love. (that sounded kind of corny) But it's true. Is my house this for my family...sometimes yes. Most of the time...No.

E came in tonight and the kids were fighting, not listening and just loud. After a day of hard work he should be able to come home and not worry about the kids and be able to just love them and take care of what he needs to at home and REST. Does he get that....Most of the time NO. How do I change this? I don't know...Any help???

I've learned the hard way...Discipline from the beginning. Yes I discipline my kids but not consistently enough. When I was working I didn't want to come home and constantly be on there case. Well a lot of good that has done me. At 3 and 6 it's going to be a lot harder to train than if I would have started at birth. Maybe it will help when school starts.

I about lost it tonight when A said she needed to go potty so I went in there with her and turned on the light. She then began playing with a toy and I reminded her why she was there and not to go in her panties. Well I go back into the kitchen and hear a weird noise. I proceed to go check on her and she is wetting her pants in the bathroom. Mommy wasn't very happy!

Day by Day hopefully it will get easier. I did good and spent time with God. I know that he needs to be the center of our home to bring Refuge to our Dwelling Place.

Can't wait to see what the book has to say tomorrow. I've got to finish cleaning house and hopefully can start on some more sewing. I got 5 tshirts done today and hopefully I can finish at least 4 more tomorrow. I've got some really fun fabric that I can't wait to make into some dresses.

I've also decided that I'm going to go through the kids winter clothes and get an outline of what they need for the fall and winter. Make some things for A and get the essentials for L. I'm going to try and not have more than 10 outfits for the winter for A. I know that seems like a lot but you should see her closet. (My mom buys most of her clothes on sale the previous yr end of season) I think that I have most of Logan's stuff for this fall and winter. I bought some things for him on sale at the end of last winter season. He'll just need some jeans and khakis. I'm doing laundry every other day anyway so something will be clean. Who cares if it's the same thing. Like Kindergarteners are going to remember.

The coolest God thing happened last night. My good friend Amber ( posted on her blog how she felt God calling her to spend time with him. Amber and I have not talked about this recently. Well that's what my blog was about last night. I feel like God's telling us something...Accountability. I know there are others out there that are feeling the same way right now too. Hopefully we can all hold each other accountable.

A is finally asleep so I'm going to go converse with my husband in peace and quite :).

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