Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Simply Life by Joanne Heim

I won a book!!!! My friend Meredith ( having a book giveaway on her blog and I won...I guess technically Becky and Amber won also and anyone else that wants to read it around this part of the world.

I have read 50 pages and after reading the first 2 I felt like she was in my mind. For at least 6 months I have felt like life was getting to be more than I could handle. I know that everyone is able to handle different levels of busy, but I believe for my family Simple is better.

In part of it she talks about doing a job and doing it well and how when we multi-task we don't always do things well, and for me a lot of times don't finish the job. That's something that I really need to work on. That and procrastination. She mentioned getting things done so that if something comes up you have time to do it. I need to remember that. She uses a lot of good scripture too.

I thought I'd have more time to spend with God know that I'm home. Well it hasn't happened yet. I do feel myself spending more time in casual conversations with God as I'm driving or spending time with the kids but not the indepth conversations of listening to God and reading his word. I'm going to try and start getting up earlier and doing that. You guys hold me accountable.

I would love to have a wicker chair or settee(sp?) for the front porch to sit on and read in the mornings so if anyone comes across a cheap one let me know. It's a want not a need!!! Got to watch those things.

I'll have to let you know what else Joanne has to say in her book. She has a blog...check it out sometime.


Amber said...

Can't wait to read that book. We certainly need to simplify around here!

My blog post tonight was about spending time with the Lord. Even about reading the Word outside on the porch. Freaky, Steph! The Lord is speaking to us about the same thing. I love how He does that! We'll definitely have to keep eachother accountable.

Jennifer said...

I totally agree with you and Amber. I'd like to read that book sometime. It sounds interesting! I'll keep you in my prayers too, if you'll keep me in yours. We can all work on this together and, like you say, keep eachother accountable!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Well, I'm thrilled you're enjoying the book and that you have plans to pass it on!

I would have loved to have stopped to see you guys, but we really didn't have the time. We were happy to see J&B for a while, but my mom was (impatiently) waiting for us to arrive in Jonesboro!