Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I've been tagged

I've been tagged!! Thanks, Amber

Here are the answers to the questions...

1. If you could inherit a comfortable home in any city in the world that you could use, but not sell, where would you want it to be? I think that it would have to be in the mountains...I love the Appalachians near Gatlinburg but out west in the Rockies would be ok too.

2. If you could be instantly fluent in one other language that you currently do not read or speak, which would it be? Why? Probably spanish...I think there are probably a lot of amazing Spanish speaking people in our country.

3. If you were given an hour to spend an unlimited amount of money in any store in the world where would it be? Clothes....Ann Taylor Loft; Any Fabric/Craft Store :)

4. If you had to give your children to the care of someone famous, whom would you pick? HMMM...that's a good question. Do I have any famous friends?I think that I'd have to defer this question...

5. If you could cast an actor now alive to play you in a new film, what kind of film would it be and whom would you choose? It have to be a Comedy...b/c life with my kids is a come

6. If you could have an elegant dinner alone with anyone presently alive, whether you know them or not, who would you want it to be? I'd have to go with Amber on this one....Just a dinner alone with my husband would be great!!!

7. If you could resolve any single dispute, anywhere in the world what would you solve? Iran/Iraq/Afghanistan...I know that's not one but oh well

8. If you were instantly able to play one musical instrument perfectly that you have never played before, what would it be? I'd love to play the guitar....and sing of course too...but I can't do that either.

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