Sunday, July 13, 2008

Weekend of fellowship and fun

This weekend has been full but it has been great!

Saturday morning started with going to a wedding of beautiful couple that is so in love. Their ceremony was so sweet and you know that God has his hands in their marriage. I am so thankful to know them and have gotten to spend time with them. We got to hang out with some friends at the reception and it was fun to get to know them more. It's fun to get to just hang out with grown ups with out the kids. Sometimes I forget how much fun that can be. But I love my kids and nothing is better than spending time with them.

L turned 6 yesterday. We had a Veggie Tale party for him last night. 2 of his friends were able to come and 1 had a little sister that came that is A's friend. They had so much fun. Smaller is better when it comes to birthday parties!!!! We missed our good friends that weren't able to come but understand completely! He had fun and that's what counts.

We had a church fellowship tonight at our house and it's so fun to get to visit with people you don't see on a regular basis. It was on forgiveness. I normally don't have many problems forgiving people. I normally have to ask for the forgiving. Just like now....Aaron....I'm sorry for the way my children were acting on the Wii. I'll make sure we make you tall and skinny before the next time you play!!!

Parenting is so hard!!!!! I'm finding it harder each day. Bed time is so hard right now...both kids want me to lay down with do you choose? It's about to be where I let them both cry and sit out in the hall between their rooms until they fall asleep. I just feel like a heal doing that.

You never know what kids are going to say and how to explain to them about things that can be offensive to others.

I've got a lot of work ahead of me!


Aaron said...

I had fun playing with Logan on the Wii, even if he wouldn't make me tall and skinny. No need for apologies - it's just nice being around kids when they aren't afraid of what you might do to them (or have a nurse do to them).

Amber said...

So sorry that we missed Logan's party and the fellowship last night. I feel awful. The boys were disappointed about not making the party. Hope Logan had a good birthday! And I'm so sorry that I wasn't there to help you with the thing at your house. What a terrible friend I was this weekend...please forgive me!!!