Monday, July 21, 2008

Junk Junk Junk...

How can we accumulate so much junk/clutter in such a short amount of time? A year and half ago we went from a 1600sq foot house to a 2400 sq foot house. We tried to declutter then and thought we did well. Well in that short amount of time we've allowed ourselves to accumulate more and more.

Yesterday as I was telling a friend at church about a book I'm reading "Living Simply:Choosing Less in a World of More" by Joanne Heim, I decided that it was time. Time to concour my closet, my chest of drawers and my craft closet. My friend Amber also inspired me.

So I finished my closet, my chest of drawers and craft closet. I have at least a foot of hanging clothes for the yard sale and at least 2-3 boxes of clothes. I also got them all priced for the yard sale along with all the other stuff I had already pulled out for the yard sale.

My craft closet more or less needed organization. I'm good at just throwing things in. I did find out that I tend to accumulate old note cards and Christmas cards that I have good intentions on using and not as good follow through. So those are now in the yard sale stack.

I now have at least 2 sacks, 6 boxes, a childs rocking chair, a childs picnic table, a air purifier, and a steamer (that I just thought I had to have) ready for the sale. I now have to go through my kids rooms and see what I can do to declutter their toys. That'll have to wait until school starts.

I showed my husband the results...that I was clearly thrilled with... and his response was "Looks the same to me" and "I never look in this closet anyway". I love him anyway!

Thanks for all the inspiration guys!!!


Glo said...

Wow Steph! I am totally proud of you!!! I wish I had your dedication! I need to do the same thing soooo bad! As for Eric, I can understand, because Scottie would probably say the same thing. As you said, you love them anyway!LOL

Becky said...

Great Job! Tell Eric I am a little disappointed in his response. Even if he has to fake it, he can do better than that. My husband's motto is "cleanliness is next to godliness" so I always get a good compliment/big smile from him!!! I also think he is afraid I would never clean closets again out of spite if I received anything less from him!

Jennifer said...

You've got a "Way to go!" from me! I know I always feel good when I get something cleaned out!

Mom to Zoe said...

Good job! We have the same problem with "stuff". Check out basic concept is to dedicate about 20 minutes a day to cleaning, and it's amazing how clean and neat your house will stay.