Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sermon I needed to here

I love my church...the people are wonderful, the preaching is wonderful and it's just about everything we could have hoped for in a church. Our church consists of 3 different pastors and that rotate preaching or as I would say teaching each week. We even have guest teachers quite often too. Several are religion professors at one of the local universities. It's been a huge blessing! It's the first time in along time that we feel like we have gotten meat and not fluff. This is one of my favorite pastors we have ever had at our previous church. It's been about 5 yrs since he's been our pastor and he was so wonderful as a pastor and friend!

This morning, Jackson preached from Amos and how God doesn't want just part of us he wants all of us and he wants us to not be half hearted but whole hearted in our worship and in all we do. He talked about the poverty level of the world and it broke my heart to think about all the people in the world who don't have food. He also gave figures on how the US spends their money and how much we give to world hunger etc and it was astonishing....which I know it's the US government and who knows what they are spending our $$ on.

He talked about conservation and how we need to conserve. I'm not a very GREEN person but I'm trying. We don't have many options for recycling in our community but this past week I called to see what they would pick up....Newsprint and Aluminum Cans. Well we don't drink aluminum cans so that leaves Newsprint. I'm going to check out another option.

How can we help?? He mentioned Compassion International along with World Hunger through the Southern Baptist Convention. I'm going to check those out. It would only take a couple of times eating out to pay for a month of food for someone. We are so RICH by many peoples standards. Maybe not by US standards but by World standards we are very very wealthy.

Another thing I thought about doing is making dresses to send to 3rd World Countries....that's a way to use my talent. Anyone know of organizations that do that?

How can you help? What ways do you conserve?

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Amber said...

ooooh....that does sound like a good sermon. sad i missed it.

i wonder if samaritan's purse would have connections? i think donating dresses would be awesome!