Friday, March 6, 2009

Can I do it?????

Well several of my friends have been taking time to UNPLUG. Well I'm going to do it or at least try to do it for the whole weekend. That's going to be a challenge for me. ((Amber please call me and let me know who is on the team))

I've been reading some books about the Amish by Wanda Brunnsteter. They live such a simple computers, no tvs, no cars and no electricity. Now I don't think I could do without a lot of these everyday necessities in our eyes but I'm going to challenge myself to UNPLUG. So friends if you need me, you'll have to pick up the phone!

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mer@lifeat7000feet said...

You can do it...and you will be amazed at all you can accomplish without the distraction.

I tell John all the time that I CAN get stuff done with the computer here, but without it I'm able to STAY focused all day long. When it's here, it's easy to sit down when I have a natural break in my day. When it's not here, I just keep working.

Good luck!