Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Things kids say!!!

My son: Mom how much more will it cost for us to go to Disney World?
Me: I don't know right now. I'll have to figure it up.
My son: Can we GOOGLE it to find out
Apparently they GOOGLE a lot at school and he is just in Kindergarten.

My daughter: How long until we go to "Mickey's World"?
Love it!!!

There was another that was so good but now I don't remember it....that's what I get for waiting a day!

Have I told you about my son trying to cheat on the Highlights Hidden Pictures. He got online trying to find the one they were doing at school the next day so he could beat his teacher...He didn't find it just like she said.


Amber said...

L. Always thinking. That kid makes me smile.

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

My kindergartener is always telling me to look things up on the computer. Isn't it wild to thing how they will never know I life without computers and internet while we still remember vinyl records?! :)