Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Slow Down...Whatever!

So it had been 20 days since I had posted until yesterday's post. I was doing better but life just came at me like a whirlwind and I wasn't expecting it!

Sweet Cuddly Girl's birthday party was the 11th...we had around 20 kids running around our house b/c it was too wet to play outside.

I've been doing stuff at the school, working out, going to Walmart and reading the Twilight Series....Oh...I just figured out my problem. I was totally engulfed with Edward and Bella!

We went to a wonderful wedding this past weekend...I think it may have been one of the neatest, sweetest ceremonies ever! I'm sure R & A's will surpass that though! We went to my parents after that for the weekend.

I don't know where the time went...ok I do...Edward and Bella had my time.

This week continues to be busy but school is out next week!!!! Woo hoo!!!! We have Field Day, Zoo Day and Assemblies.

I'm so ready for Summer but June is busies than May..maybe just maybe July will have some relaxtion to offer!

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Amber said...

But weren't Edward and Bella SO worth it?!