Friday, June 6, 2008

The Week in Review

I got kind of lazy this week writing on the blog. That's not good for the first week.

Tuesday was our last tball game and boy was it hot. L still says he likes Golf the best. He's a boy after his daddy's passions. If he is as good as Eric at it that's fine with me....that means golf scholarships. Let's just hope that he gets the scholarship letters instead of someone else with the same name. (That happened to Eric)

Wednesday we had gymnastics and Addison had fun with her new class. It was just 3 compared to 8 girls and she loves her teacher. We met our good friends at Burger King for lunch then went to the waterpark. The kids had a blast. One of Addison's friends from school was there and they were inseperable. Addison's gymnastic teacher is a lifeguard there and Addison wanted to hang out with her. In fact she would go deeper and deeper and then climb out and go sit with her on the lifeguard chair. Logan had a good time and I really enjoyed visiting with my friend. Addison crashed as soon as we got home and we are all fried (Even with Sunscreen)

Thursday we just hung out and ran some errands and Friday pretty much the same thing. It's been nice.

Three of us have decided to try and enter a craft fair in HS in October so I've got to start working on stuff. They have to jury things before hand so I've got to work on everything. I've got that to work on today this weekend. Oh I finished 2 dresses I've been working on for 3 months today and got them delivered. It won't take me long to do dresses from here forward it just was hard working and trying to do it.

I found the cutest pattern for a alligator scarf today so I think I'm going to order it and do some of those. I know...I know...I have too much going on.

Well this weekend is going to be relaxing I think...I hope.

I hope you guys have a good relaxing weekend too!

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Glo said...

You sure do have a lot going on for not working now.LOL I am glad you are having fun and enjoying being a stay at home mom. I know the kids are loving it!