Friday, June 6, 2008

My Answered Prayer explained

Well some of you may be wondering why my blog is called "My Answered Prayer". It probably should be Answered Prayers b/c God is always answering my prayers but it's singular b/c I've been praying for a while that God would lead me home to be a stay at home mom. Well this spring it happened. We got a letter in the mail from our Agent that takes care of different investment and insurance needs saying that they handle health insurance also. Well E told me to call and that set things in motion.

April 15th was a great day for our family....1st of all it was the end of tax season...woohoo!!! Secondly I got the phone call from the agent....actually I called his secretary. She was so sweet. She said she had never known someone so anxious to quit work but then I explained that I could be at home with my kids. She understood then. She found out that day we were approved and the premiums were remarkable. So on April 15th I gave my notice at work. It was bitter sweet. I have such a wonderful group of friends at work. People I would have never gotten to know if it wasn't for work. Some of my best friends. And rekindled friendships. 8 yrs at the same place will do that. Yes Glo...I'm getting teary eyed.

Last Friday was my last day at work and yes I cried most of the day and avoided some people b/c I knew I would cry the other half of the day even though I knew I'd see them the next day.

Well that explains the name of the blog and I'm sure I'll be sharing more answered prayers!!!!

God is o good!

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Glo said...

I got teary eyed too just reading it Steph.LOL I do miss you soooo much!