Monday, June 16, 2008

Power Lab

VBS at the church we used to go to is this week. It's called POWER LAB and it's so much fun. They have the most fun music and the men did an incredible job on the stage decorations including fog machines and motion lights.

My kids have been looking forward to this for months. "A" loves the music and was up on stage dancing and doing the motions. "L" doesn't get into the music much but loves seeing his friends. I hoping that he really catches on to the biblical truths this week.

It's been good seeing friends and being back at our old church as the kids call it. I really enjoy being at the church we are at now but there are definitely things I miss...mostly the people.

There is POWER, POWER, wonder working POWER!!!!

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mer said...

I have good memories of VBS at "our" old church too! And I definitely miss the people.