Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fundraising Fun

One of the reasons I wanted to be home so bad when my kids got to school is so that I could be at the school to help out with whatever needed to be. Well all I can say is...I've got my hands full or should I table full.

This is what I got when I went up to the school this week. This is about 2 weeks worth of box tops, pop tabs, Campbell soup labels, coke lids, and Tyson chicken labels.

We collect Box Tops through the Box Tops for Education program, Campbell Soup Labels for the Labels for Education program, coke lids for the My Coke Rewards program and Tyson Chicken labels for Tyson Project A+.

We get $.10 for Box Tops, points for the soup labels, 3 points for every coke lid or 10 pts for the code off the box and $.24 for the Tyson labels.

All these things are things that people would normally just through away so the frugal mom I am decided to be the coordinator for these programs. So far we have earned at least $300 through box tops...not sure about all the rest of the programs but will figure it out this week. I know $300 doesn't sound like a lot but it was just going in the trash before.

I've also been known to walk up to someone that has a coke box and ask for it...hey it's worth 10 points. Some ladies that are collecting pop tabs for us even found someone that has 3 gallon ziploc bags full that he is going to give us.

Pop Tabs you ask...We're collecting these for the Ronald McDonald house. One of the local tv stations is having this contest for one county in the state. They may open it to the rest of the state next year so we decided to do a little philanthropy and be ready for the contest if it is opened up to us next year. I have counted over 3000 pop tabs so far and have about 10-20,000 left to count. We give each kid credit and the one that gets the most will get a prize at the end of the year. Next year there may not be an incentive so we don't have to count :). I counted the first few thousand by hand but I think that I'm going to use a scale and my mathematical skills for the next batch.

I also have a friend whose school collects plastic sacks. When they fill up a 60 gallon sack with sacks then they get $5 from Walmart. How hard is that? I'm trying to get our school signed up for that too.

So you see what I will be doing for the next week...what does your school do for fundraising?

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