Sunday, June 14, 2009

Music City Fun! Day 1

So if you remember from our Branson trip, Amber beat me to the punch blogging about it so I just linked to her. So here it is... OUR TRIP DAY 1 by Amber.

My commentary...

Loads and Loads and Loads of Fun!!!! I don't think I have heard the hubby laugh so much in a long time!

Emerson Drive is HOT!!!! Collin Raye's guitarist is HOT!!!! There is just something about Cowboys!!! Was disappointed that Diamond Rio didn't show!

The Aquarium had the most awesome steak and mashed potatoes!

We were driving around looking for someplace and found the "Florist and Casket Shop". It's a all in one stop. We didn't think of taking a pic until after the fact and the men folks wouldn't turn around and take us back just for a picture.

Learned a lot and learned a lot more about our PEEPS...FO SHIZZLE!

Hold on just a minute.....

OK I'm back .... in less than 2 minutes.... give me a high five on that one!

Heart you Amber and Lisa and men! Had a blast!


Mich said...

Glad you had a great time!

Amber said...

I just posted an Inside Joke post.
Fo shizzle.

We had a BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So much fun.