Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dear Mr. Walmart Store Manager---

Dear Mr. Walmart Store Manager--

I am writing this to let you know I will be waiting on you at 7 a.m. in the morning when you walk through the door so just beware when you see a Lobster Red short girl that looks like she just rolled out of bed.

Here is my situation...
My husband (who works very hard and doesn't have 4 hrs to waste on other people ignorance), myself and my 2 kids (who all 3 of us were completely exhausted from a long day) piled into the car and went to pick up a trailer to use to pick up a new playyard. This playyard was not offered at our local WALMART so we had to drive 45 minutes in a horrible rain, wind and lightning storm to your store or pay $150 in shipping which is a rip off when you could just deliver it to our local store but couldn't do that. We arrive at your Walmart and the playyard was waiting on us b/c I called 45 minutes to an hour ahead time to make sure it was available and told them we were coming.

We arrived and a very sweet girl checked us out very quickly. She then had a young hormonal boy take it out to our vehicle...he was more concerned with flirting than doing his job. It is then loaded onto the trailer by husband and hormonal boy while flirting girl and greeter man watches on.

We then move the trailer so we can strap everything on. We discover we have a low tire and move the boxes to the other side...as we do one box falls apart with everything in it. We then load the Jeep with all those parts...get the others strapped on and head up to the WALMART gas station to air up the tire.

We call Amber to check the weather and guess what it's storming....we make it most of the way back without rain but when we got to town it started raining. So with the rain and the water from the road and humidity in SO Arkansas those boxes proceeded to disintegrate when we unloaded them...at which time I realize that the bottom to boxes said BOX 1 of 2 and BOX 2 of 2 and said Sunchaser...uh we bought the Meridian that has 3 boxes b/c the other box that is the back of the Jeep says Meridian BOX 3 of 3.

DH begins to have smoke coming out of his ears and head...I wish you could have seen it....it was a sight. I call the Walmart and talk to the manager on duty b/c no one was in the Garden Center. She gives me to someone in Sporting Goods. They put me on hold and talk to her to only find out that they will give us a $25 Walmart gift card for our gas but that's it...He was very nice and helpful but she should have been the one to handle it and tell me that not push me over to one of HER employees when ultimately it was her decision to make!! I proceeded to find out the manager on duty's name and the General Managers name...I was not happy with the offer b/c I have wasted 4 hrs of our time.

I go outside tell fuming DH and we proceed to try and load up the boxes as they disintegrate. We then took everything out of these boxes and put them in my van. So the van is loaded and ready for me to see you at 7:00 a.m.

I hope you understand me and my families frustration in the situation!

Sweet Dreams,


p.S. I talked to A on the night shift and he got the correct boxes out, measured them for me and has them waiting for me in the morning! He deserves a RAISE if I do say so myself!

By the way this is what it should look like...I would show you a better picture but it shows too much cleavage and don't want to give you the satisfaction!


Kendra said...

That's the VERY playset we put together last month. It was a DOOZY! I'll be praying for you. I got major sunburn putting it together.

Here's some tips:

-label each piece of wood FIRST with chalk. You'll save time
-buy extra 1X4 or 2X4 to brace the bottom of the top platform. It's very flimsy. My 32 pound kid made it sag until we braced it.
- seriously consider installing a floor in the bottom of the playhouse. You'll thank yourself later for it.
-seal the wood because it is not sealed at all. you'll thank yourself later for that.
-have a spare man around, because it does take a lot of work. A LOT

But the kids will love it! Hope your survive!

Mich said...

The things we go through for our kids!!!

I hope putting it together is easier than what you went through to get it.

Carpoolqueen said...

My deepest sympathy.

buscher3 said...

Wow...I feel for you! What a playset though...how fun!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Oh, man! So sorry for your frustration!! Just think of the story you'll have to remind your kids about. :)

Amber said...


Just oooh.

I've read this 3 times and heard the story at least 6. And each time, I get more and more mad with ya!!!