Sunday, June 21, 2009

Day 1-Magic Kingdom

Can I just say...I'm tired!!!!!!!!!!!

We started the day at MAGIC KINGDOM. I think the kids were excited. We started in Fantasy Land and hit the Dumbo ride, then Snow White's Scary Adventure (which Addison cried and didn't want to go on), we went to Mickey's PhillarMagic Show which Addison cried some more and covered her was a great show. We went in the Haunted Mansion and didn't even try to take Addison. She cried in line for It's a Small World but then like it when she got on...I think that FIRE IN THE HOLE has tainted her view of rides. They rode the carousel also. When then ate lunch and headed on over to Liberty Square and rode the Riverboat. We were disappointed because the HALL of PRESIDENTS was closed for refurbishment.

We went on over to FRONTIERLAND...this may be one of my favs. Mom, Dad and Addison went to see the Country Bear show and we went on over to get in line for Splash Mountain. The line was long and we didn't have the tickets to do FASTPASS so we just waited in line. We met some great people who had a little boy that talked more than Logan...that made time go by a little faster. Logan absolutely LOVED it! We got off and there was no line so Eric went to go find Addison and my parents and Logan and I got in line went much faster....He wanted to go again but I told him we would do Big Thunder Mountain. Addison got to watch the parade while we were in line the first time and she loved it! We got a FASTPASS this time for Big THunder Mountain and headed over to Tom Sawyer's Island. Addison didn't really care for the cave go figure even though she did great in the one in Branson. We finished up there and went back to BIG THUNDER MOUNTAIN RAILROAD. Dad, Logan and I walked right on in to this ride and had a great time. Great little rollercoaster!

We found Eric, Mom and Addison under some shade on a bench...we were all completely exhausted so we decided to go get ice cream and sit in some air conditioning but there were no seats so we headed to the car...the car that we can't help but find!

We came back went swimming and then went to eat at TGIFriday's. Came back, planned our next day and CRASHED. We are going to Animal Kingdom today.

We're having technical difficulties with pics...Our camera decided to die on us :( and mom's battery died on hers. Eric used his phone to take some pics so I'm going to try to get them on here but if I don't I'll get some later. Guess we might be getting that Rebel sooner than we thought.

Logan and I on Splash Mountain...

Mom, Addison and I on the train.


Carpoolqueen said...

Wasn't it fun to have the kids fall asleep in six seconds when you got back to the room?

I remember thinking it was too bad we couldn't stay awake any longer than they did to enjoy it.

Mich said...

Too fun!

Have a great Father's Day with the special men in your life.

Amber said...

Hooray for a new camera!!

It looks like you guys are having a great time! I want to be there with you!!!!!!!! :)