Monday, February 9, 2009

A little bit of this...a little bit of that

I've been here but just haven't had much to say...I did post 3 posts last week on my sewing blog I guess that tells you what I have been doing.

I have a confession. I didn't do to well in the January Challenge. I ordered fabric to start my quilt and that was quite a bit. I did eat out a couple of times with friends that I don't see much anymore. We had a couple of counseling/chat sessions :) It was good to see them. I did cut out the...let's just run get a milkshake or coke...sonic runs but since January I haven't done well in that area. I'm trying really hard to cut back and looking at it I've done fair but there is plenty of room for improvement.

I did do really well a couple of weeks ago in the meal planning category. Stephanie and Meredith both have some really good tips on meal planning. I got 5 lbs of ground beef and made taco meat for taco ring, spaghetti meat for pizza spaghetti bake, pizza sauce for homemade pizza. and chili. We spread it out and ate on those along with misc other stuff for 2 weeks. I'm going back to the store in a little while and going to try and do the same but probably won't have time. It was nice to just be able to defrost something and it basically be ready.

I've started a list of things to do each day so I can feel like I accomplished something. Also, that way I won't forget what I was supposed to easy for this Mommy Brain to do. That's working pretty well.

I realized I've got a big day ahead of me and already behind me...Here's a day in the life of me...

7:30 send boys off to work and school
8:30 Gym (when I'm good)
9:15 A's hair appt
9:30 home/shower/laundry/blog/email/etc
11:00 fold clothes iron and watch Y & R :)
12:00 take A to school/Walmart
2:30 pick up L & A
3:30 dance (time for a little knitting:) )
4:30 home

And somewhere in there I'll eat and sew a little and work on picking up the house.

Tomorrow I've got to make white chocolate suckers for the kids class parties and Wednesday make cupcakes for L's party. So I stay busy sometimes I just don't know what I do with all my time but I know I'm busy.

Check out this blog from my friend Amber....she is one of the most real people I know....and I feel the same way she does many a days!

Hope not to stay away too long in the future just have to think of things to life is pretty boring!

Have a wonderful week!


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I SO need to post my January challenge final update. Maybe today...

I loved that post from Amber. Very good stuff.

Amber said...

White chocolate suckers? Yummy! Need that recipe!!!

You are one of the most real people I know, too!! :)

Vanessa {Bloom Right Here!} said...

Just wanted to say hello. I found you through The Handmade Dress. Your comment caught my eye because you mentioned SW AR. We live in Magnolia. We took the kiddos to the diamond mine last spring. It was rainy and cold. All we found was mud! We need to go back again when the weather is a bit nicer.