Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Beautiful Day

It stormed a little last night but today was absolutely gorgeous....70 degrees and clear skies. I went out to check the mail and thought I had to do something today and not stay in the house. I put on a cute little outfit including flipflops...yes flipflops in Feb and I decided to head to a little town about 30 minutes from here to pick up some fabric that I had ordered.

I wished I would have had my camera b/c it was absolutely gorgeous (except for the clear cutting)!!!!!!! We have alot of PINE industry in this area.

I just love driving when it's pretty like this. I rolled the windows down...not quite the same effect in the minivan as my little car I had in college but times change....turned on my favorite radio station...KLOVE and PRAISED THE LORD for a glorious day and a great life.

Did I mention that I wish I had my camera?? I had our GPS with us and it took me a different way than I had ever been and as I topped a hill the County truck in front of me stopped for some dogs that were doing a little hanky panky in the middle of the road. Can't really say I've ever had that happen before.

As I was PRAISING THE LORD, I was also praying for some friends and their families. I realize how lucky we are to be healthy, be financially stable and have wonderful friends and family. I know I've talked a lot about my friends lately but where would I be without them! (Meredith---as I was driving it reminded me of the trip we took to Fayetteville to the game that weekend. Eric still talks about that....I think that was an eye opening trip for him!)

Enough with my rambling...I hope that you all had as good of a day as I had!!!!


Amber said...

Still wishing that I was with you! Sounds like a fabulous day....flip flops, fabric, and um, dogs. :)

Back Porch Blessings said...

thanks steph for all your prayers,happy thoughts and kind words you send my way on a regular basis. know that mine are always with you as well.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Glad you had a good day, and glad someone can wear flip flops. It was 38 here today and even though it was sunny, it was COLD!

I remember that trip well. I think of you and Eric everytime I pull up to my aunt's house and that killer driveway!

How did we open Eric's eyes...I'm a little scared about that...should I be???

Alison said...

Yeah...kind of glad you didn't have your camera, actually. I get enough of that lovely view watching the dozens and dozens of cats we have roaming our yard. Really not looking forward to the day when Zoe peers out the window and says, "mommy, what are the kitty cats doing??" I really dislike our neighbors for feeding all of's like something from a horror film.

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Now you're just gonna make me homesick with a post like this!! Nothing's better than a short road trip in spring with the windows down and music turned up!

Rita T. said...

Thank you for your prayers. I am sure that so many people praying kept my husband from dying last night. The nurses told him he was just having a panic attack.

I'll trade you our snow and 10 degrees for that sunny 70 degrees.