Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Feeling Attacked

I hope I'm not alone when I say this but I really feel like Christians are being attacked. I thought we were supposed to be a FREE Country where we could speak what we believe. Apparently not! I have been appalled by all the news this CHRISTMAS season about the attacks that people are making on CHRISTMAS. It doesn't just have to do with Manger scenes, etc it is now to Christmas lights and buttons.

I heard one news segment about a lady that got fired b/c she was wearing a pin that a customer gave her that said "It's called Christmas for Christ's sake...click here to see the video from FoxNews.

It just all makes me sad. I believe that Jesus Christ was born the son of God and was placed on the earth in order to pay for our sins. Through his death and resurrection we can be made new and live eternally with him in Heaven. I know that's not what everyone believes and I respect that but I feel like Christians should also be respected for what they believe.

Sorry but I just needed to vent....


Glo said...

You just vent girlfriend! I agree with you, so Amen to that!LOL

Amber said...

You go right ahead....I'll vent right along with you any day!! :)