Saturday, September 5, 2009

She's Loving It/I'm Loving It

So are schedule is working out pretty well right not...

Boys off to work and school by 7:30

School with girl starts around 7:45...we are fully dressed and ready for our day.

We do bible time (A devotional out of God's Little Princess Devotional Bible) and pray, we then do writing and phonics and then her favorite MATH! She is my girl and her daddy's girl...we are just a MATH nerd family. I even take her math worksheets with me when we are running errands to keep her occupied.

She is flying...we are through the Christmas lessons in Math...I've bid on the Math Curriculum for 1st grade...yes I said 1st grade for my 4 yr old...and I'm going to order her workbook next week.

She's doing ok in phonics and she was doing great in writing up until she got to the "M's". She just can't master it.

I'm loving it...she's loving it....I can so see how homeschooling can benefit students...especially those who are excelling...My 1st grader is BORED!

He is doing review stuff right now and it's stuff sweet girl is working on. I feel like he is being held back from doing what he is capable of doing b/c of "No Child Left Behind". He hates doing homework b/c it's just review stuff from K. It's just time consuming and causing a lot of fights.

I'd love to bring him home but just don't think that he would like that b/c he's my social butterfly....even though we could experience a lot of adventures and excel him further.

What to do...pray, pray and pray some more...that's what I'll be doing?


Mandy said...

Wow! I wish I had 1/4 of the math mind sweet girl has! I barely made it through Algebra 1!
And as for L and the social stuff. There is plenty to do with Co-op. play groups, church, etc., so don't let that stop you.
I come from a HS family and we are going to HS our boys. My younger brothers even played Basketball and Baseball in a HS league.

Mich said...

Wish I was a math least my kids are better at it than i ever was.

Amber said...

You already know how I feel about all of this, but I'll go ahead and leave a little comment...

Homeschooling has made my family better in countless ways in just the short month we've been at it.
My kids are better. My home is better. My marriage is better. I'm better.

I may not understand 4th grade math, but my family is more important than math.

I'm praying. God hears your heart.