Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Confirmation...It's a God Thing!

I've really been struggling with whether or not to send A to her pre K class. It's a great program but we've had a really good thing going with our schedule....Get up do school, work around house, run errands, pick up L. Now it's Get up, do school, work around house, take A to school, come home, go pick up L and pick up A. I know it doesn't seem much different but it's 30 mins of just taking her to school and coming home.

It's a wonderful program and only $125 a semester, yes you heard that right! She was in the same program last year and her literacy teacher had to find extra stuff for her to do b/c she was ADVANCED(at 3 in the 4 yr old program)....as they would tell me. (Not trying to brag...just a proud mamma).

So we've been doing Abeka Math, reading, writing and phonics (K5) and she loves it and is doing stuff my 1st grader is doing. I was really concerned that she would just be bored with school. I talked to her main teacher but didn't know how seriously she took me but today, as I was grumbling working on my 1st graders Campaign Posters...that's a whole another post in itself!, I met his literacy teacher....She's adorable! and She was Homeschooled and she used Abeka! So she knows the literature and knows how advanced it came be over public schools. She even wants to see what she has been working on!

I'm so excited and the more I think about it....IT'S A TOTAL GOD THING!


Amber said...

That's awesome!!!

So excited about that!! I hope she digs deep and finds some great stuff to challenge A with.

Mich said...

I love it when God answers questions loud and clear.