Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Why is parenting so hard?

My boy had a hard day! It's sad for me when he has such a hard day. We went to the waterpark with some of his close friends from school. Sweet Boy doesn't swim well but loves the deeper end...he also wants to slide so bad. I made him wear a life jacket if he went to the deeper area...not good for a 7 yr old ego. He also is only 47 7/8 inches and you have to be 48 inches....all his friends are much taller.

He came over to me and said ____ pushed my head under water. I went and talked to the boy b/c he could have really hurt my sweet boy. I told him not to do that anymore b/c L isn't as good of a swimmer as the rest of them. I was nice...this is one of the boys that I feel like I can say things to if need be...he proceeded to tell me that Logan can't do anything and he's 7. Momma just walked off b/c it broke her heart.

Hopefully his heart won't break like mine did!


Carpool Queen said...

That's so hard to hear from those mean old boys. It makes me want to pinch their heads off.

Amy Fulmer said...

I am so sorry that happened to Logan (and to mom.) Nothing hurts my feelings more than to hear kids being mean to each other. And if it is my own, well, my heart breaks even if they don't care.

Kendra said...

You know that kid's mama? Maybe she needs to know her son's being a toot. I want to know if my kid's being unkind, and I have no problem telling another parent if their kid is. Sorry, but I hate how self-centered, cruel, and egotistical kids are today! Just makes me want to put my kid in a bubble. Hang in there. Poor sweet boy.

Tiffani said...

I feel like I should've been over here long before now...I'm Tiffani, Amber's friend and I feel like I know you already! :)

Sorry for the long day (and hard) day..the times we've experienced something like this, my Mama Bear just about can't stand it!!! It does hurt doesn't it? Greater than I knew my heart was capable to hurt!

Hope tomorrow is better and you both feel especially loved on!

Amber said...

I love that kid.

So darn much.

Give him a hug tonight from his Second Mama Miss Amber.

Jennifer said...

Give him a hug from his third Mama, too!!

Love ya'll and will say big prayers!!

Mich said...

I wish I could say it will get hurts just as much every time something happens like this.

By the way, sorry Amb and I forgot the bows. I will try to get them to you soon.