Saturday, August 15, 2009

Misunderstood Words

So I talked to the Mom of the friend from the previous post. I wasn't going to but something came up in a conversation and I felt like I needed to tell her. It really bothered her. We talked...she got off the phone...had a talk with her son...and called me back.

He had gone to all the lifeguards asking WHY? Why can't L do this? Why can't L do that? He's 7!!!!!!!!!! He's strong and not afraid! WHY?? This friend just wanted L to be able to do the same things he was doing. So he was just voicing his frustration to me but I didn't understand by what he said.

Both me and his mom felt so much better!

My son is the oldest of most of friends but the shortest....I sure hope he doesn't get my genes!

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Amber said...


I'm so glad that you talked to her about it.

I know you feel better.