Friday, November 7, 2008


Our county health dept was having a drive-thru flu shot clinic with FREE flu shots. Convenient and free who can beat that. After a little Zumba this morning the kids and I decided to head over to the health dept...well I decided...the kids had no idea where we were going. I turn on to the street get in line and stop...and here it goes. "Mommy where are we going"..."just somewhere"..."Where are we going Mommy!"..."To this place down here"..."what place"..."The health dept"...somehow along the wait they figured it out. "oh no....I'm not getting a shot...I don't like shots" said the older, not so brave, big brother. "I don't like shots either...I don't want a shot" said the younger, follow my older brothers lead, little sister.

Well we eventually got to the end of the line...yes, you guessed it...the SHOT! First of all I didn't dress any of us to pull up our sleeve so that was one hurdle...the easiest hurdle. I got my big deal. A's turn. She runs to Bubbies side of the van but I manage to get her and get the shot taken care of with out much of a scene.

I get her back in the car and get ready to get L out. He's not in his seat...he's in the back of the van, shaking his head "No!". He moves back to the middle and I try to coerce him out....remember there are a lot of cars behind us. Finally he gets out, gets his shot and gets back in the car...CRYING. "It hurts, I can't buckle".

We go to the park but still hurts so we head home to recoup at home. Now I have one down for nap and the other is playing with a friend and they hardly remember this morning. The things that we go through for our kids!!


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Sounds like you all coulda used a little shot of somethin' else (valium, tequila, etc) along with your flu vaccination.


I've gotta tell you, Steph, I've never heard of a drive thru flu shot clinic, but that is a brilliant idea. And of course, I always love *free*.

Amber said...

Oh my. I can totally envision the kids running around the van. My kids would have done the same thing!

Becky said...

You lost me at zumba...what is that?

Alison said...

Oh goodness! Sounds like an adventure.

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Wow! We ALL went to the pedi. for Sam's 2 week check-up. I intended to set up flu shots for the older 3 for the next visit but the dr. asked if we wanted them then. Why yes! That would be great since Daddy is with us now!!! They ended up getting the flu mist. Think nasal spray with wounded flu virus. None of my kids reacted to it, which was nice. Now the 3 and I are vaccinated for the flu. I've told hubby he better not bring the flu into my house! And the best part was they charged me nothing (I'm sure my insurance was charged though.)

Rachel Baby said...

That's an awesome story. Sounds much like how we try to get kids in the ED to get their shots. Haha!