Saturday, November 1, 2008

Loads and Loads....not necessarily fun!

My friend Meredith has been talking about her household systems and how to improve upon them. Knowing Meredith there is no need to improve but I know we always think we need improving. Well here in my palace I need help...lots and lots of help! I just can't seem to keep up with it all. I know I'm not the only one because I had this conversation just this past weekend with friends.

I decided after reading Meredith blog on her laundry system that I was going to put a plan into action. I knew that I couldn't do what she does and do it first thing in the morning before the kids are gone to school because I'm barely up and about by then (My wonderful husband takes my son to school). Here is what I decided to do....

1-2 loads a day alternating lights, darks and whites. Throwing towels and sheets in with the white. I'm trying to fold and put up as soon as they are done. That has always been my struggle. I even finished ironing today.

So what does my laundry room look like right now? There are a few of the kids clothes hanging up that I need to put up. Laundry basket in my bed room is empty and the baskets in the laundry room are pretty much empty with a load in the washer. To me that is start my week caught up.

If I can just continue on I'll be doing good in the laundry area. What do I conquer next? The kitchen, the kids rooms, the game closet, my bathroom, my room?????????
I need to paint the kids rooms but have to clean and organize first so I think that will be my next place to conquer. If anyone has tips on keeping their kitchen clean or kids rooms organized pass them on...I feel like I'm constantly picking up!


Amber said...

If you get all this figured out, you let me know!! I'm right there with you.

Just think...if I had been caught up with my laundry before the dryer crisis--I could have spared myself the agony of the laundrymat!!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Stephanie...yay for you! I'm not going to offer you kitchen tips because I'm a FREAK. I'm extremely OCD about it and I don't want to scare you away...I want to remain friends with you!

The title of this post made me laugh...especially since the post below it is "Loads of Fun".

I miss you! I thought I saw Eric at the game this weekend. I'm sure that his look-alike wondered why I was stalking him.

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! Sorry I'm just getting back to you.

For me looking at my housework as a whole is very overwhelming, especially when you throw in kids! I wrote a post recently about implementing one habit at a time. It's really helped me (at least before the baby came 2 weeks ago) to get a handle on my home. I hope it helps you. Also, it helps to remember why we are home. To have perfectly clean houses or be available to our families? = )

Shanda said...

We have recently started a new laundry system where we have assigned one night a week to each child and we do all of that child's laundry on their night - they help to fold and put away and it is all contained to one room...which seems to REALLY be helping!

I will check back to see what you come up with for your kitchen! I used to be so my pantry seems to have a life of it's own...