Saturday, September 20, 2008

Life as a Soccer Mom

It has been a busy week. I don't know how mom's do it when they work. I was just there 3 mos ago and can't imagine being there now.

We had dance this week, baseball practice twice, baseball game once, soccer game and more hitting practice. We got a few books read this week and homework done. Oh and I had bunko in the mix of it all...but I don't count. If I didn't have the time from 3-5 to do homework, feed the kids snacks, etc I would absolutely go crazy.

I can't say that laundry is done now and ironing is definitely not done. The house is not clean and I have sewing to do. I just don't know how people do it.

Oh another note...we had a playdate this week and I'd have to say that I have met several moms that have kids the same age as L that are just absolutely wonderful. There is that bond there b/c we are all in the same boat and we all understand what each of us are going through.

Amber, I don't know how I'd manage life without you there. You are such a good friend and I know that you don't judge me. I admire you for being the best SOCCER MOM there is.

For all you other SOCCER MOM's out there that think life has to be smooth...It doesn't...we'll all make it through.

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Amber said...

Oh are a fantastic soccer mom! You inspire me so have no idea! Right back at ya on being a great friend! I don't know what I'd do without you!

At the end of the day, clean laundry and ironed clothes don't matter. What matters is happy kids and you are doing an amazing
job at keeping L and A happy.

Anytime you need it...vent away!! :)