Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Before and After

This is my husband before....

This is my husband after....

That is 35-40lbs lighter. I'm so proud of him...He worked all summer long and is keeping it up!!!

And you know what...he did it for us...so we can have him around here a little while longer...E, I love you to heaven and back!!!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Confirmation...It's a God Thing!

I've really been struggling with whether or not to send A to her pre K class. It's a great program but we've had a really good thing going with our schedule....Get up do school, work around house, run errands, pick up L. Now it's Get up, do school, work around house, take A to school, come home, go pick up L and pick up A. I know it doesn't seem much different but it's 30 mins of just taking her to school and coming home.

It's a wonderful program and only $125 a semester, yes you heard that right! She was in the same program last year and her literacy teacher had to find extra stuff for her to do b/c she was ADVANCED(at 3 in the 4 yr old program)....as they would tell me. (Not trying to brag...just a proud mamma).

So we've been doing Abeka Math, reading, writing and phonics (K5) and she loves it and is doing stuff my 1st grader is doing. I was really concerned that she would just be bored with school. I talked to her main teacher but didn't know how seriously she took me but today, as I was grumbling working on my 1st graders Campaign Posters...that's a whole another post in itself!, I met his literacy teacher....She's adorable! and She was Homeschooled and she used Abeka! So she knows the literature and knows how advanced it came be over public schools. She even wants to see what she has been working on!

I'm so excited and the more I think about it....IT'S A TOTAL GOD THING!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

She's Loving It/I'm Loving It

So are schedule is working out pretty well right not...

Boys off to work and school by 7:30

School with girl starts around 7:45...we are fully dressed and ready for our day.

We do bible time (A devotional out of God's Little Princess Devotional Bible) and pray, we then do writing and phonics and then her favorite MATH! She is my girl and her daddy's girl...we are just a MATH nerd family. I even take her math worksheets with me when we are running errands to keep her occupied.

She is flying...we are through the Christmas lessons in Math...I've bid on the Math Curriculum for 1st grade...yes I said 1st grade for my 4 yr old...and I'm going to order her workbook next week.

She's doing ok in phonics and she was doing great in writing up until she got to the "M's". She just can't master it.

I'm loving it...she's loving it....I can so see how homeschooling can benefit students...especially those who are excelling...My 1st grader is BORED!

He is doing review stuff right now and it's stuff sweet girl is working on. I feel like he is being held back from doing what he is capable of doing b/c of "No Child Left Behind". He hates doing homework b/c it's just review stuff from K. It's just time consuming and causing a lot of fights.

I'd love to bring him home but just don't think that he would like that b/c he's my social butterfly....even though we could experience a lot of adventures and excel him further.

What to do...pray, pray and pray some more...that's what I'll be doing?

Monday, August 17, 2009


I have to admit I have the fever...the homeschool fever....I know it's just because my besties are doing it but it's ok for me to get into what they are into even if it's not all the way...right?

I have my concerns about our school district. My concerns, I believe, are valid but they don't start for at least another 2-3 years. So far my son has had a great experience...he's in 1st grade! I will say that his self esteem is usually the highest when he's with the kiddos of the besties mentioned above.

So you ask...half way...how do you homeschool half way? I have bought the reading and math K curricum from A Beka. I'm going to teach my 4 yr old to read and add. We are also going to have structure, bible time (that's been lacking---my fault---and not a good think to be lacking), story time, homemaking time, etc. So we aren't going in full fledge but I'm going to do enough to know whether I could do it full time-if the need arises.

I have been thinking alot about the pro's lately and they are beginning to out way the negative but I can't say it will ever happen...so I'm just going to live vicariously through my besties!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Misunderstood Words

So I talked to the Mom of the friend from the previous post. I wasn't going to but something came up in a conversation and I felt like I needed to tell her. It really bothered her. We talked...she got off the phone...had a talk with her son...and called me back.

He had gone to all the lifeguards asking WHY? Why can't L do this? Why can't L do that? He's 7!!!!!!!!!! He's strong and not afraid! WHY?? This friend just wanted L to be able to do the same things he was doing. So he was just voicing his frustration to me but I didn't understand by what he said.

Both me and his mom felt so much better!

My son is the oldest of most of friends but the shortest....I sure hope he doesn't get my genes!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Why is parenting so hard?

My boy had a hard day! It's sad for me when he has such a hard day. We went to the waterpark with some of his close friends from school. Sweet Boy doesn't swim well but loves the deeper end...he also wants to slide so bad. I made him wear a life jacket if he went to the deeper area...not good for a 7 yr old ego. He also is only 47 7/8 inches and you have to be 48 inches....all his friends are much taller.

He came over to me and said ____ pushed my head under water. I went and talked to the boy b/c he could have really hurt my sweet boy. I told him not to do that anymore b/c L isn't as good of a swimmer as the rest of them. I was nice...this is one of the boys that I feel like I can say things to if need be...he proceeded to tell me that Logan can't do anything and he's 7. Momma just walked off b/c it broke her heart.

Hopefully his heart won't break like mine did!